Paid Time-Off Benefits


Full-time employees accrue PTO days based on full-time years of service and position status. Part-time employees also accrue PTO days based on their budgeted hours. Accrued PTO may be carried over to the next year, and the maximum carry over limit is three times the annual rate of accrual.

PTO Sell Back

The purpose of PTO time is to provide a period for rest and relaxation and the Hospital encourages all employees to utilize the paid time off benefits they accrue. However each year during the open enrollment process, employees may sell back up to 40 hours of PTO time (in 8 hour increments) for payment the following December.

Paid Holidays

Full-time employees receive six paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Personal Days

St. Clair Hospital designates Personal Days as Select Days. All full-and part-time employees may purchase a maximum of five Select Days during the annual open enrollment period. The hourly rate of pay times the number of hours purchased, divided by 24 pay periods, determines the payroll deduction. Unused Select Days are paid to the employee in the last paycheck of the year. Select time is pro-rated upon reclassification to stand-by status or termination of employment.

Other Paid Time Off Benefits

Full time and part time employees also receive paid time off for jury duty and bereavement days subject to the administrative policies of the hospital.