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The origin of (FAM) was as simple as it was staggering: immediate need. At the national level, one in five Americans face food insecurity every day. Across the state, 1.9 million Pennsylvanians—including 43 percent of older adults—are food insecure. And nearly 160,000 residents of Allegheny County utilize Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, formerly known as food stamps.

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General Surgery at St. Clair Health

When facing health issues, there are various types of doctors and surgeons available for consultation. Many surgical procedures necessitate specialists who focus on specific areas of the body. For instance, a neurosurgeon specializes in surgeries involving the brain. In contrast, general surgeons do not limit themselves to a particular specialty or area of the body; instead, they are trained to perform a wide range of surgical procedures across different areas of medicine.

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A Restless Heart Among The Stars

From a wide-ranging parks system to observatories, science centers, and planetariums interspersed amongst the rolling mountains and alongside its winding rivers, Western Pennsylvania is home to some serious stargazing opportunities.

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Primary Care Is At The Center Of Your Good Health

Care you can trust begins with a primary care provider (PCP). Your PCP is a health care partner who is there to help you get healthy, stay healthy, manage a chronic condition, and/or cope with a serious illness. From keeping you up-to-date with immunizations and screenings, to referring you to a specialist and more, your PCP gets to know you and your medical history to better diagnose, treat, counsel, and coordinate your care.

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From Down For The Count To Mastering Migraine Management

How a young woman’s long-term relationship with her primary care provider leads to better chronic disease management.

Emma Hull was just 10 years old when she experienced her first migraine. She knew it was not just a headache after watching her mother endure chronic migraines throughout her childhood. But it wasn’t until she experienced the throbbing head pain herself that Emma realized how this neurological disease can disrupt daily life.

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Care Through The Good Times & The Bad Times

A primary care provider’s thorough approach to health care leads a grateful patient to recommend her to family and friends.

Judy Binek has been coming to St. Clair Health for nearly all of her health care needs for 50 years. The former Mt. Lebanon resident has visited St. Clair Health providers for everything from routine checkups and inpatient treatment to the birth of her three children and emergency care. Out of all the providers she has seen over the years, she sings the praises of one in particular these days. It’s Amanda Hercules-Smith, MD, of St. Clair Medical Group Internal Medicine, as Judy credits her for keeping her healthy during her golden years.

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Our Mission To Serve The Community

Ground-breaking: 1951. Doors opened: 1954. In the decades since, every element of groundbreaking growth has been designed with one thing in mind: personalizing your care to humanize healthcare.

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Community Collaborations: Strengthening Connections for a Stronger Community

St. Clair Health, established in 1954, originated with the goal of addressing the unmet needs of the community, a commitment that endures today. Our foundation is rooted in the efforts of ordinary individuals—volunteers who worked hard going door-to-door for donations and the collaborative initiatives of women’s groups and business leaders that were all guided by the shared motto, “Together we can do it.” This grassroots community initiative has persevered for 70 years, evolving into a cutting-edge medical facility. Regardless of technological advancements and facility growth, we stay true to our roots, consistently honoring our humble beginnings and maintaining a steadfast dedication to the community and the individuals who laid the foundation.

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