St. Clair Hospital’s community outreach program is designed to reinforce our commitment to good health in the community.  As a partner in the community, the Hospital is proud to sponsor organizations that positively align with its vision.

To receive support from St. Clair Hospital, organizations must have documented 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.  We invite organizations that meet any of the following criteria to apply for donations or in-kind services:

  • Provide health-related community services
  • Provide services for underserved or at-risk populations
  • Promote wellness and healthful lifestyles
  • Educate the community with health and wellness knowledge
  • Are located within St. Clair Hospital’s service region
  • Align with the mission and vision of St. Clair Hospital

St. Clair Hospital generally will not accept proposals from:

  • Individuals
  • For-Profit entities
  • Political activities
  • Organizations outside of the Hospital’s service area
  • Organizations requesting multi-year pledges

Please keep in mind that the Hospital is limited in the number of organizations it can serve, due to the breadth and number of organizations in its service area. Sponsorship applications are reviewed on a monthly basis.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to request multiple funding opportunities in one consolidated request so the Hospital only receives one request per year.  To submit a request, please email [email protected].