Volunteer Opportunities

Escorting patients, assisting with clerical tasks, staffing the gift shop or greeting visitors is just a sampling of the wide range of activities performed by the dedicated volunteers of St. Clair Hospital. Their selfless dedication and ability to provide an extra “human touch” for patients and visitors is an essential component of St. Clair Hospital’s mission to serve others.

Annually, the Hospital’s team of volunteers contributes 90,000 hours of service – a value estimated at nearly $1 million.

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you enjoy interacting with patients directly or prefer a non-clinical role, St. Clair Hospital has a variety of assignments available to fit each volunteer’s needs and interests. Some of the volunteer opportunities that are available are:

Gift Shop

Volunteers help with the Hospital’s Gift Shop which serves patients, visitors and employees.

Patient Escort

St. Clair Hospital is a busy facility, with hundreds of patients receiving inpatient and outpatient care daily. 

Supportive Visitors

Supportive Visitor volunteers enjoy visiting patients in their rooms and provide companionship throughout their stay. 

Surgical Family Waiting Room Attendant

Volunteers staff the outpatient surgery and post anesthesia care unit waiting rooms updating families on their loved ones’ progress. These volunteers also serve refreshments to waiting guests, as well as arrange for consultation with the physicians once surgical procedures have been completed.

SIPE Infusion Center

Volunteers provide refreshments and supportive visiting to patients undergoing Infusion treatment.

Dunlap Outpatient Cancer Center

Volunteers provide refreshments, warm blankets and companionship throughout patient’s chemotherapy treatment.

Information Desk

Volunteers who enjoy welcoming and assisting others often choose to serve at St. Clair Hospital’s Information Desks. These volunteers greet guests and provide directions within the hospital.

Wayfinder Volunteers

Navigation through any hospital can be tricky and our Wayfinder volunteers are there to help. Volunteers round on various floors to provide directional assistance to patients and visitors throughout the hospital and the new Dunlap Outpatient Facility.

Junior Volunteers

The Junior Volunteer Program consists of positions that allow for students 14 years of age and older to experience giving back as a volunteer in a hospital setting. Volunteers are placed in the Outpatient Surgical Center in the hospital and are responsible for working on clerical projects, setting up medical supplies and transporting patients upon discharge.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Proof of COVID vaccination
  • Proof of seasonal flu vaccine
  • Successful interview and completion of onboarding documents

Volunteer at St. Clair Hospital

For questions or additional information about volunteering at St. Clair Hospital, please call Volunteer Services at 412.942.2085.  Interested candidates will interview with the Manager of Guest and Volunteer Services. 

Want to Join the Team?

Interested in joining St. Clair Health’s team of volunteers? Contact us for more information on how to apply!