Internal Medicine Program


To provide a comprehensive, community-based Internal Medicine Program that is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our community. We strive to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care, while fostering a learning environment that encourages continuous growth, innovation, and collaboration. We are committed to training physicians who are not only technically skilled, but also compassionate with cultural humility and dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of our community. Our goal is to inspire our physicians to become leaders in healthcare, advocates for their patients, and agents of change in the field of internal medicine.

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Specific Aims 

1. To train highly skilled physicians who are able to provide comprehensive patient care by integrating individualized treatment plans tailored to patient goals and addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).

  • Residents graduate able to appraise five categories of SDOH to patient care.
  • Residents graduate able to construct a resource map to provide resources and support services to patients.
  • Residents matriculate able to attend to the holistic patient experience in their own voice.

2. To teach residents conversancy with diverse and underserved communities, along with the essential patient care skills and personalized expertise needed for them to practice internal medicine with confidence across various care settings and models.

  • Residents graduate able to identify their personal implicit bias and propose mitigation strategies.
    • 100% of residents complete the Harvard Implicit Association Test.
  • Residents graduate capable of practicing in the internal medicine setting of their choice.
    • 60% of residents pursue a career in internal medicine.

3. To cultivate a culture of psychological safety and well-being that supports intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning as clinician educators and patient ambassadors. 

  • Residents graduate mentally and physically well, able to fully participate in creating a psychologically safe work environment in their practice.
  • Residents graduate with the clinician educator skills necessary to educate patients, medical students and residents.
  • Residents graduate with wide-ranging proficiency in scholarly activities.

4. To empower innovation in the delivery of healthcare, medical education, and quality improvement in our healthcare system.

  • Residents graduate prepared to innovate the way medical education is taught
    • Residents are competent to identify optimum learning interventions in the setting of their choice.

Contact Us

To contact the Internal Medicine team please call us at 412.942.6270 or email our program coordinator, Natalie Montarti at [email protected]