A Letter From Your Internal Medicine Program Directors

Dear Applicant, 

Thank you for your interest in the new Internal Medicine Residency Program at St. Clair Health.

We are committed to training physicians who are not only technically skilled, but also compassionate, culturally humble, and dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of our community. We aim to inspire physicians like you to become the healthcare leaders of the future, advocates for their patients, and agents of change in the field of internal medicine.

This commitment is exemplified by the cornerstones of both our Internal Medicine Residency Program and Sponsoring Institution.

We have a steadfast commitment to the centrality and dignity of primary care. You will be exposed to five distinct practice models—ambulatory, hospitalist, traditional hybrid medicine, long-term care, and Resident Clinic—to maximize your experience and understanding of the scope of careers within primary care. We have carefully developed our inpatient and outpatient experiences to ensure an optimal balance, breadth, and depth of educational experiences. Plus, our “Resident as PCP” Continuity Clinic is designed to give you an experiential blueprint for running a practice if you wish to pursue outpatient medicine after practicing the essential skills necessary for ambulatory care.

We provide an innovative curriculum and individualized learning experiences to ensure residents reach their full potential. We aim to not only impart clinical knowledge and skills but also foster critical thinking, personal growth, and professionalism. Through a combination of bedside teaching, chalk talks, clinical reasoning conferences, jeopardy-style board reviews, workshops, simulations, didactics, and direct observations by faculty, you will have countless opportunities to develop into a well-rounded, confident physician.

We offer a comprehensive coaching program to set up residents for success. You will be paired with a dedicated coach who will provide personalized guidance and support throughout your training. Whether you need assistance with clinical decision-making, career planning, or personal development, your coach will be there to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of residency.

We place a strong emphasis on the well-being of both residents and faculty. Recognizing that residency can be mentally and physically demanding, we pledge to create a supportive and psychologically safe learning environment where everyone can thrive. From well-being workshops and personal half-days, to built-in golden weekends and more, we will prioritize your well-being in all facets of our program.

We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare. We understand that health outcomes are deeply influenced by social factors such as access to education, economic stability, neighborhood conditions, and social support networks. It is our responsibility to empower you with the tools needed to address these social determinants of health and advocate for health equity in all communities.

We are dedicated to serving our local communities. Experiential learning emanating from Dr. Ciuksza’s Food Assistance Match, Inc. (FAM) program, screening and outreach programs, and partnerships with local organizations provide opportunities to deliver comprehensive care to those who need it most. Through community immersion, you will gain valuable clinical experience and develop a deeper understanding of the social, economic, and cultural factors that impact health.

As you consider your options for residency training, we encourage you to see yourself as part of our innovative and supportive community at St. Clair Health. We look forward to welcoming you into our inaugural class of residents, which will transform the history of St. Clair Health and the future of the communities we serve.

Best always,

Kristen Livesey, MD

Mallory Ciuksza, MD, FACP

Program Core Faculty

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