Quality Improvement at St. Clair

An important message from our Chief Medical Officer and Associate Chief Medical Officer

At St. Clair Hospital, we pride ourselves on continuously striving to provide the highest quality of care to our patients and their families. Our 2,500 employees and 550 physicians share a common vision to uphold a high-reliability culture that fosters and supports optimal patient care. Teamwork, interdisciplinary collaboration and compassion are essential components of our culture.

Through this interdisciplinary team-based approach, we have implemented many systems and processes that ensure effective, timely, and compassionate delivery of care. We are constantly assessing our current practices to ensure that the care we provide is supported by the latest, evidence-based research in order to achieve the best possible outcomes and experience for our patients.

Our patients and their families are one of the most important parts of our team. We welcome your comments and questions as we are always looking for opportunities to improve. Please email [email protected] with any feedback.


John T. Sullivan, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Nicolette E. Chiesa, M.D., Associate Chief Medical Officer

Our Commitment to Our Patients

At St. Clair, we recognize the importance of providing BETTER CARE AT A LOWER COST. In order to achieve this, our approach includes three key priorities:

  • Evidence-Based Medicine: We utilize evidence-based practices (treatments that have been proven effective) to provide our patients the right care, in the right setting, at the right time.
  • Team-Based Care: Patients at St. Clair are cared for by a team of professionals from multiple specialties that work collaboratively to provide personalized medicine to each individual patient.
  • Patient and Family Engagement: Patients and their families are essential members of the healthcare team. Together we will achieve better health outcomes for our patients.

An additional way we continue to enhance our clinical programs is through our prestigious clinical collaboration with Mayo Clinic. For additional information click here.