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St. Clair Hospital Cancer Center

‘Cancer’ is one of the most complicated, frightening diagnoses a patient can receive. Fortunately, there’s much good news. Survival has never been higher, thanks to improved screening, diagnostics, and innovative treatments that are more precise than ever before. And today, this world-class cancer care is available in Pittsburgh’s South Hills at St. Clair Hospital.

Our cancer specialists partner with oncology experts from UPMC Hillman Cancer Center through our ongoing affiliation to deliver leading-edge, comprehensive care. St. Clair offers the latest in cancer screening and diagnostics, and some of the best cancer surgeons in the region, while UPMC brings expert care in radiation therapy, hematology, and medical oncology, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Because of this unique arrangement, cancer care, like all services at St. Clair Hospital, is in-network for all major insurers, both now and for years to come.

Cancer Conditions We Diagnose and Treat:

The St. Clair Hospital Cancer Center provides the latest in screening, diagnosis, and treatment services in state-of-the-art facilities for a wide variety of cancers, including:

  • blood cancers;
  • breast cancers;
  • colorectal and GI cancers;
  • endocrine and thyroid cancers;
  • esophageal cancers;
  • head and neck cancers;
  • lung cancers;
  • melanoma and other skin cancers; and
  • and prostate, bladder, and kidney cancers.

Screening and Diagnostic Capabilities:

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Screening
  • Skin Cancer Screening
  • Cervical Cancer Screening (Pap Smears)
  • Bone Marrow Biopsies and Aspirations
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Echocardiography
  • Mediastinoscopy
  • Image-Guided Biopsy
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Computerized Axial Tomography (CT) Scan
  • Positron Emission Tomography / Computerized Axial Tomography Scan (PET/CT)
  • 3D Breast Imaging (Mammography)
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Full Range of Pathology Services:
    • Flow Cytometry;
    • Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization;
    • Immuno-histochemistry;
    • Next Generation Sequencing;
    • Genomic Testing

Cancer Treatment Options:

ONCOLOGIC SURGERY aims to remove cancerous growth, or as much of it as possible. St. Clair’s surgical team has the technical expertise to perform the most advanced surgical and minimally invasive procedures.

MEDICAL ONCOLOGY uses chemotherapy and targeted drug therapy to focus on specific mutations and kill cancer cells. An emerging and exciting form of medical oncology is immunotherapy, which uses the body’s immune system to attack cancer cells.

RADIATION ONCOLOGY uses high-powered energy beams (i.e., X-rays) to shrink or kill cancerous tumors while preserving healthy surrounding tissue. The St. Clair Hospital Cancer Center has two state-of-the-art linear accelerators that deliver advanced treatments, including Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).

CLINICAL TRIALS physicians at the St. Clair Hospital Cancer Center have access to a wide array of clinical trials, which test new treatments for various forms of cancer.

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  • Clinical trial screening and enrollment
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Symptom / side effects management
  • Education resources
  • Support groups

In 2016, the Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons granted three-year accreditation to St. Clair Hospital’s cancer program. To earn this accreditation, St. Clair met 34 CoC quality standards and maintains levels of excellence in the delivery of comprehensive patient-centered care.

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Often, selecting the right treatment course can be overwhelming. A team of multidisciplinary specialists at the St. Clair Hospital Cancer Center works in concert with oncology experts from UPMC Hillman Cancer Center to meet each patient’s unique needs. Together, they formulate an integrated, cohesive, individualized plan of care.

By coordinating your appointment through your family physician (PCP) or other specialist, St. Clair Hospital can obtain the necessary records and have treatment options available at the time of your visit. Patients with questions should speak with their physician or call the St. Clair Hospital Cancer Center Helpline at:


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