St. Clair Cardiovascular Services provides specialized levels of care in comprehensive and convenient settings. 

  • Intermediate Care is a 30-bed unit for patients who require cardiac monitoring but do not need the intense level of services provided by critical car e units. All of the registered nurses who staff Intermediate Care are educated and experienced in interpreting cardiac rhythms.
  • The Cardiovascular Surgical Unit, or CVSU, is a six-bed area where patients are admitted immediately after open heart surgeryThe CVSU is staffed with critical care nurses who have extensive experience in caring for critically ill patients following open heart surgery. Post-operatively, patients stay on this unit until discharge from the Hospital, an innovative approach that provides continuity of care and fosters productive relationships between patients, families and caregivers.
  • The Coronary Care Unit, or CCU, is a 16-bed unit that cares for patients following angioplasty and coronary stents. All rooms are private so patients with acute coronary syndromes can have an optimal environment for rest and recovery. The CCU nursing staff has extensive experience in cardiac care and work closely with cardiologists to develop and carry out the plan of care for cardiac patients.

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For more information on Cardiovascular Services, please call 412.942.4460. 

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