An upper G.I. Series is a series of x-rays of the gastrointestinal tract that provides the Radiologist with information about the condition of the esophagus, stomach and the tip of the small intestine.

Please follow all of the preparation instructions prior to the exam.

The Day Before the Examination

  • Pre-register for your test by calling 412.942-8152.
  • No food or liquids after midnight (including water and medications)

The Day of the Examination

  • No food or liquids (including water)
  • Report director to the Medical Imaging Department on the third floor
  • Plan on being in the department for approximately one hour for an upper GI only.  Studies that include a small bowel series may take two to three hours.

In the Department

  • You will change into a special wrap-around patient gown
  • You will stand on a platform that is attached to the x-ray table and will be given a barium drink that you will be asked to sip using a straw 
  • The Radiologist will tell you when to drink and you will be asked to turn in different positions as the table moves
  • Once the exam is completed and the images have been checked, you may leave

Following the Examination

  • Early that afternoon, take four tablespoons (2 oz) of Milk of Magnesia to help clear the barium from your intestinal tract
  • Increase your fluid intake for the rest of the day
  • Resume your normal diet

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