If a baby is born premature or ill, a special environment is needed for individualized care and close monitoring. At St. Clair Hospital that place is our Level II Special Care Nursery.

St. Clair’s Level II Special Care Nursery is specifically designed and equipped to accommodate a baby’s needs. Infants in this unit require special care.  Due to the sensitive nature of the unit, special rules apply for visitation, infection prevention and control, and privacy. Babies are monitored by the Hospital’s 24 hour in-house pediatrician as well as by the babies’ pediatricians who are an integral part of the team and will participate in decision making.

If a mother is discharged before her baby, she may call any time to talk with someone about her child. In addition, before the baby is ready to go home, parents may take advantage of a special service called “Nesting.” Nesting allows the baby’s parents to spend a night in the Hospital with the baby and helps provide a transition from the special care nursery to the home.

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