Follow My Health

The St. Clair Hospital Patient Portal, Follow My Health, helps you manage your health information by providing immediate online access. Patients can:

  • View their test results from any St. Clair visit;

  • Organize their home medications;

  • Track their list of allergies, immunizations, and health conditions.

Steps to set-up your personal account:

Go directly to the portal website by visiting and begin your enrollment there.

For more detailed instructions on creating your account please see our Account Creation Guide.

Need Help?

Visit FollowMyHealth | Fix a Problem

You can also find answers to most frequently asked questions on our FAQs page

Or contact support at 412.942.7600 or email [email protected].

When emailing support, please provide the following information for security purposes in order to verify your account information so that we can further assist you:

  1. Full name listed on your insurance card provided to St. Clair Hospital
  2. Date of birth
  3. Any phone numbers associated with your FollowMyHealth account and doctors’ offices
  4. Email address associated with your FollowMyHealth account
  5. Communication preference

Account Creation Guide

Looking for more detailed instructions on how to create your FollowMyHealth account?

FAQs Page

Looking for answers to some frequently asked questions?


Need a free and easy way to electronically gather your records from all your recent visits?