St. Clair Hospital Named A ‘Most Wired’ Hospital

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – St. Clair Hospital has been named a Level 9 Most Wired hospital in the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives’ (CHIME) 2020 Digital Health Most Wired Survey. A Level 9 designation highlights hospitals that have deployed technologies and strategies (e.g., population health/cost-of-care analytics, HIEs/integration engines, and patient portals) to help them analyze their data and are achieving meaningful clinical and efficiency outcomes.

The mission of the CHIME Digital Health Most Wired program is to elevate the health and care of communities around the world by encouraging the optimal use of information technology (IT). The program does this by conducting an annual survey to identify, recognize, and certify the adoption, implementation, and use of information technology by health care provider organizations. The results are intended to improve patient safety and outcomes by driving change in the health care IT industry.

“We are once again honored to receive CHIME’s Digital Health Most Wired award,” said Richard Schaeffer, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at St. Clair. “At St. Clair, we’ve had a long-standing strategic commitment to the use of systems and technology to not only deliver safe, high quality care, but to additionally promote wellness through the use of patient engagement tools.”

Louis Civitarese, D.O., M.M.I., Chief Medical Information Officer at St. Clair, added: “St. Clair’s ability to consistently deliver high quality care is due in large part to the collegial environment among physicians, nurses, and staff to work together to continually improve systems and processes through the refinement of the best technologies available.”

A total of 30,135 organizations were represented in the 2020 Digital Health Most Wired program, which this year included four separate surveys. The surveys assessed the adoption, integration and impact of technologies in health care organizations at all stages of development, from early development to industry leading.

Health care organizations earning Levels 8-10 are being honored with awards. St. Clair’s Level 9 earned it a Performance Excellence Award. CHIME says organizations in Level 9 are leaders in health care technology who actively push the industry forward. These organizations, according to CHIME, are realizing meaningful outcomes, including improved quality of care, improved patient experience, reduced costs, and broader patient access to health care services. Some of the advanced technologies used to achieve these outcomes include telemedicine solutions, price-transparency and cost-analysis tools, access to data at the point of care, and tools to engage patients and their families throughout the care process.